Elevation Youth

“Both young men and maidens… let them praise the name of the Lord. For His Name alone is exalted” Psalms 148:12-13


The Youth of Today

The Youth of the world today are under attack. Satan bombards the young adults with negative thoughts, desires, trends. He deceives teens to blatantly turn from God. More and more teens get lost in the demonic trends of the world. Here at TWCC, our Elevation Youth group is equipping young minds with the Armor of God and arming them with Spiritual Swords to fight back in the Name off Jesus Christ our King. Better watch out devil.

 Real Talk for Real Teens

TV and movies, music, and really all types of entertainment portray teens in a manner that’s just not real. Real Teens have real issues, especially with finding their way. Elevation Youth doesn’t just teach them about- but SHOWS them Jesus who IS the WAY, TRUTH, and LIFE.